Inventory Check Out

Inventory Check Out

Inventory Check Out process is the most important aspect of the tenancy term. At the end of the tenancy, our clerk will re-inspect the property, comparing the present condition with the original inventory and check in report.

During this re-inspection, areas identified as damage and areas considered the effect of Fair Wear & Tear, are recorded. The state of cleanliness of the property and any missing items will also be recorded.

The complete Inventory Check Out Report will emphasize changes that occurred throughout the tenancy. Meter reading records and keys returned are also included.

For comments or recommendations that are identified and included in the Check-Out Report, digital pictures will be supplied to support the claims.

Copies of this report are given to the landlord, Estate agent and the tenant.

For any damages that are noted throughout the Check Out procedure, this report creates the foundation for discussion between the landlord and the tenant, in regards to compensation or costs that result from the damages or poor state of cleanliness.

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