Inventory Services FAQ

Inventory services FAQ

1. Why do I need a Property Inventory Report?

It is important for both the tenant and the landlord to have an inventory report drawn up by a professional Inventory clerk.  When the tenancy is terminated, it will protect both parties from unnecessary disputes.  There must be evidence of the condition of the property prior to occupation by the tenant.  If damage is incurred during tenancy, the landlord will have a difficult time filing a claim without documentary evidence.  This is especially true when the tenant contests the landlord’s claim.

2. What is a Check-In report and why do I need it?

The day the tenancy begins, a check-in procedure is carried out.

Our clerk at Ace property Inventory services will use the prepared inventory report for the procedure.  The clerk and the tenant will check the property and agree that it is accurate according to the inventory document by obtaining their signatures.

If you would like more detailed information regarding the Check In process, please visit our Inventory Check In page.

3. What is an Inventory & Check In service?

Inventory and Check In report can be carried out on the day, just before your tenants move in. Our Inventory clerk will carry out the detailed Inventory process a few hours before the Tenants are due to move in and then carry out the Check In with the tenants. This will ensure that only one visit will be required thereby saving money as we offer a reduced rate for a combined Inventory and Check In service. For more information, visit our pricing page.

4. What is a Check Out report?

Inventory Check Out takes place at the end of the tenancy term. We proceed through the originally prepared inventory and Check in document and evaluate the present state of all items with the condition document in the Inventory and Check in report. The Check Out report consists of a list of any damaged, lost or replaced items as well as documenting the cleanliness of the property.

If you would like more detailed information regarding our Check Out process, please visit: Inventory Check Out page.

5. What is included in the Inventory report?

Our Inventory Reports is a straightforward and to the point list explaining the contents, fixtures, fittings and cleanliness of a property that is to be rented out. The report also contains a detailed outline of the condition of a given property – noting the existing state of all items and any deterioration, together backed with digital photographs.

For more detailed information of our property inventory services, please visit: Inventory services page.

6. What Is NOT included in the Inventory report?

The purpose of the report is to provide accuracy and objectivity.  However, it cannot guarantee the safety or the adequacy of the equipment or contents of the property.  It provides a record that states an item exists in the property on the date the inventory report was created. The report also does not indicate repair costs, or types of repair that may be needed.

7. What if the property is not furnished?

Even if the property is unfurnished the inventory report is essential because it identifies the condition of the carpets, curtains, bathroom and kitchen appliances, and the walls. Many landlords share the common belief that an unfurnished property does not need the report. They feel that there is not much on the property that can be damaged or stolen.  It has been our experience however, that fittings, fixtures, and doors go missing, tiles get damaged, walls get painted, carpets get damaged, windows get broken and tenants can leave the property in a poor state leaving the landlord to pay for the cleaning charges and damages.  The present Tenancy deposit scheme protects the tenants, so if the landlord has an inventory report compiled by an independent inventory clerk, he or she will be covered.

8. How long does it take to carry out a Inventory process?

The time it takes to carry out an inventory is dependent on whether the property is furnished or not.  It also depends on which service is being performed, check-in, check-out, or inventory inspection.  You can expect a three-bedroom furnished property to take up to three hours.

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