Inventory services

Inventory Services

The Inventory Report and Schedule of Condition that we provide as a part of our Inventory services, is a precise record of the property’s contents as well as its condition. We assemble the Inventory Check In document within 24hours after the Inventory process has been carried out.

Our report will include:

  1. 1. Standards of Cleanliness
  2. 2. Condition of all Internal Areas
  3. 3. Fittings
  4. 4. Fixtures
  5. 5. Furniture
  6. 6. White Goods

Items that will be duly noted include furniture and soft furnishing items, (Subject to Fire Labeling), along with the state of the electrical items including lamps and white goods. If applicable, items like mattresses will be checked for marks and wear.

We pride ourselves on providing in-depth reports that are accurately detailed from our factual, unambiguous, and unbiased perspective, regardless of whether the property is furnished or not. Our reports are in an easy to comprehend, and user-friendly format.

We ensure that the landlord’s assets are protected throughout the duration of a tenancy through our comprehensive documentation.

We also include gardens and provide comments relating to the condition of these areas as needed. All our reports contain digital photographs of the entire property, on a room by room basic.

Our Inventory Reports are impartial. They provide a positive avenue for avoiding disagreements and misunderstandings when the tenancy ends. This key report will become part of a very important legal pack.

When you have your Inventory Report prepared by Ace Property Inventory Services, the possibility of having problems when a tenancy ends is drastically decreased.

An independently produced, comprehensive inventory-schedule document has proved to be a key in ending disputes at the end of tenancies since the Tenancy Deposit Scheme was enacted in April of 2007.

Our Inventory prices start from £59.99, for more information please visit our pricing page here: Inventory Prices

We are proud of our reputation as a serious, independent, regional inventory company. We have built our reputation by operating throughout all areas of Greater London. For more information, call us on 0203 086 7854 or email us on

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